ECT Privacy Policy

All Newly Qualified Teachers must be registered with an Appropriate Body before they commence their induction. Your school/academy has asked Blackpool Council to provide an Appropriate Body service for their Newly Qualified Teachers.

Blackpool Council is the Data Controller and uses an online system to manage the registration and induction process of all Newly Qualified Teachers. This is a paperless system enabling Newly Qualified Teachers to digitally sign and add comments to their termly assessments.

By using this system you are required to agree to the following conditions:

 The first time you log into the system you will need to agree to these conditions and check the accuracy of the information held.

 Your personal identification information has been input into the system already by your induction mentor, head teacher or school administrator. Your employer school/academy is the Data Processor. Blackpool Council accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any information that has been recorded within the system.

 You should notify your school/academy if there are any inaccuracies within the information held and request any amendments to the information if necessary.

 Any information held about you within the system including your termly assessments are held securely and are accessed via your allocated user name and password. Any information including assessments will be accessible by you, your Head Teacher, your induction mentor, your school administrator and/or other nominated staff and Blackpool Council.

 Blackpool Council may share information any information held with the Teaching Agency in accordance with the statutory guidelines issued by the Department of Education for newly qualified teachers.

 The NQT documents page allows you to download copies of your termly assessments. It is your own responsibility to retain copies of your own assessments and Blackpool Council accept no responsibility for any loss or removal of information contained within the online system. Blackpool Council do not undertake to provide copies of any assessments. It is recommended that you download and retain copies of your assessments for any future use.